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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys provide rain gutter installation services in
Slidell, LA, Gulfport, MS and Mobile, AL?
Yes we provide rain gutter installation services to Slidell, Louisiana and
Mobile, AL and Gulfport, MS and neraby surrounding areas. We have
offices located in Biloxi, MS, Slidell, LA and Mobile, AL.

What are the best types of metals for gutters?
This is a complex question. The answer is not the same for everyone.
The question should be more like.....What are the best metals to use for
guttering for my needs?

Aluminum is lightweight but it is less expensive. Aluminum comes in a
variety of colors and has a baked on paint finish.
Galavalume is a steel rain gutter that has been aluminized, with a 50 year
warranty not to rust, along with the same baked on paint finish as
aluminum. Galvalume is the same material that roofing companies use for
metal roofs.
Copper will tarnish, which for many is the desired look. I will not rust and it
is sturdy as steel. Copper is the best of both worlds.

I have a metal roof, can you match the color of gutter to the
color of my roof?
More often than not, the answer is yes. These manufacturing companies
realize the customer's desire to match their gutters with their roofs. The
guttering manufacturers that Gulf Coast Gutters purchase from offer a
color match for each metal roof color 9 out of 10 times. These are
offered in both galvalume gutters and aluminum gutters.

Can you keep water from pooling in areas of my lawn or
In most instances the answer is yes. There are several drainage options
to consider. Most drainage issues can be solved with the use of French
drains. French drains can keep water from pooling in areas by diverting
the water away from problem points.

Do I really need gutters around my entire home?
The answer is yes. Gutters are a great investment in the protection of
your home. Gutters divert water away from the home. Gutters will aid in
protection the foundation our your home from erosion and also helps to
prevent mold, wood rot, insect infestation and root rot in flower beds.  

How much do you charge for estimates?
There is NO charge for estimates. Call today to schedule an appointment
for your free estimate.
Slidell, LA Office 985-445-2262

Mobile, AL Office 251-447-4333

Biloxi, MS Office 228-382-7717

What type of warranty do you offer?
Our gutters pass the toughest state codes in the nation (California). This
is why we can offer a lifetime warranty on labor, 20 year warranty on
painted products and 50 year warranty on copper products.

Do you install rain Barrels?
Yes. We offer rain barrel installation as well as bird houses.

Do you guys offer round downspouts that match the half
round gutters colors?
Yes. In most cases round downspouts can be matched to half round rain

Are copper rain gutters durable?
Yes copper rain gutters provide lasting durability and come with a 50
year warranty not to rust.

Why do I need leaf guards?
Leaf guards play a vital role in keeping your gutters flowing by keeping
debris out. Gutters are rendered almost useless if they are unable to
drain properly.
Leaf guards are important for keeping your gutters virtually maintenance
free. Leaf guards shield the gutters from the build up of debris. If gutters
are filled with debris, they can't perform the duties of their intended
purpose. Without leaf guards it is recommended that gutters be cleaned
out yearly especially if trees are located near your home. Leaf guards
are a great investment if you prefer maintenance free gutters or verses
paying for yearly gutter cleaning.

Can you provide references?
Yes. Gulf Coast Gutters is in the business of pleasing customers and we
are able to build strong business relationships. References and
testimonials are available at anytime upon request. Our references and
testimonials are from everyday local happy customers from right here on
Mississippi Gulf coast, Slidell, LA and Mobile, AL.

How often should I clean my rain gutters?
As often as needed. If you have lots of trees surrounding your house,
you should have them inspected for cleaning services at least twice a
year. If you prefer lower maintenance gutters, you should consider
installing leaf guard. Leaf guard protection is another installation service
that we offer.

Do you offer financing?
Yes. Call today for details at 228-382-7717

Do you offer Military or Senior citizen discounts?

Yes. 10% for all active military and senior citizens 65 years and up..

Do you have a question that was not answered here? Call today, we'll be
happy to answer any questions!

Slidell, LA Office 985-445-2262

Mobile, AL Office 251-447-4333

Biloxi, MS Office 228-382-7717
Biloxi, MS Office
Mobile, AL Office
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